group trainings

I offer a step-by-step, mindfulness-based training programme designed to empower you with the practical tools to take care of your mind and thereby:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Prevent burnout & depression
  • Improve overall health & well being
  • Improve mood & emotional intelligence
  • Increase mental strength, focus, memory retention & recall
  • Boost your creativity
  • Enhance the effectiveness of other therapies

This approach is based on contemplative neuroscience which is an emerging field of scientific research that focuses on the changes within the mind, brain, and body as a result of contemplative practices, such as mindfulness-based training.

Calm & Focused

 photo courtesy of  kimberlypoppe.com

photo courtesy of kimberlypoppe.com

A focussed mind is calm, centred and clear and can be directed toward what you feel is truly important. Such a mind can be easily cultivated through what is known as Focused Attention training.
This course:

  • Establishes the fundamentals needed to give you the confidence to practice Focused Attention
  • Introduces mindfulness of the breath as a means to settle and strengthen your mind.

Clear & Open

 photo courtesy of  kimberlypoppe.com

photo courtesy of kimberlypoppe.com

Clarity and openness are inherent qualities of our mind yet we can get overwhelmed by the demands and sensory input of modern life. The balance can be restored through what is known as Open Monitoring training. This course:

  • Deepens you Focussed Attention
  • Introduces a more advanced method aimed at enhancing mental clarity,  stability & creativity
  • Opens your senses to what and who surrounds you

Present & Connected

 photo courtesy of  kimberlypoppe.com

photo courtesy of kimberlypoppe.com

Emotions are often what determine the quality of our lives and have an impact on our health. Our capacity to be there for others also depends on our capacity to be there for ourselves. 
This course:

  • Works directly with your emotions to develop a nourishing and supportive attitude towards yourself.
  • Enhances your capacity to be present and receptive to others.

The Trainer

Course & Personal Trainer

Davide Piai is passionate about reducing unnecessary suffering through mindfulness-based training. He has studied contemplative practices for 20 years, spending five years at a traditional Buddhist philosophy college in Nepal, as well as time in long meditation retreats. His life is dedicated to healing in all its forms—he is also a pranic healer and enjoys nourishing people through good food (Italian cooking made with love), good music (as a working musician) and good humour.