Athletes of the Mind

As a coach and trainer, I work with people that have high-performance jobs, both cognitively and emotionally. They show up to work bringing their 100%, often striving to give even more. Just like a pro athlete would do on game night or competition day. Athletes' performances are what we enjoy experiencing yet we are well aware that what we witness is just the peak of the iceberg. Many many hours of training go into it but we do not see that. We also know that if athletes do not warm-up properly, they are not able to perform at their best and probably get injured.

What I help my clients realise is that if they want to perform at the highest level and want to do that for a long time, they need to treat their nervous system with the same respect pro athletes treat their body.

My questions to you are:

1) How do you train and stay fit cognitively and emotionally for your job?

2) How do you warm up cognitively and emotionally for your job?

I want to strike a conversation, so if you are so inclined, you can answer by commenting on this article here on my page.

Davide Piai