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 do well and stay well

I offer a step-by-step, mindfulness-based training programme designed to empower partecipants with the practical tools to take care of their mind and thereby:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety
  • Prevent burnout & depression
  • Improve overall health & well being
  • Improve mood & emotional intelligence
  • Increase mental strength, focus, memory retention & recall
  • Boost your creativity
  • Enhance the effectiveness of other therapies

This approach is based on contemplative neuroscience which is an emerging field of scientific research that focuses on the changes within the mind, brain, and body as a result of contemplative practices, such as mindfulness-based training.

lean mind

photo courtesy of  kimberlypoppe.com

photo courtesy of kimberlypoppe.com

Juggling the demands of today’s private and working life is not easy. Evolution has not yet caught up with the 21st century life styles so we need to help our nervous system to cope with stress.

In this workshop we will learn a short mindful routine that can be put into practice immediately. To gain the necessary confidence in establishing this new habit, we will investigate exactly why and how it is so beneficial - based upon an explanation of cutting-edge neurobiological models.

begin with clarity

photo courtesy of  kimberlypoppe.com

photo courtesy of kimberlypoppe.com

Often the way we work is the very cause of our stress but there is a is a way to work that fits our physiology and how our brain actually works makes us perform and feel a lot better.

In this workshop, we will learn and practice a simple 20 minute routine to start the working day. This technique combines mindfulness and other productivity techniques to create a recognizable future that is in line with what is most important in our lives. 


being Present

photo courtesy of  kimberlypoppe.com

photo courtesy of kimberlypoppe.com

Executive presence - the ability to engage fully in the moment - is a skill that every leader needs. In a world of pinging smart phones, we might end up feeling we never fully engage with anything.

In this workshop we will give our communication more power by learning to truly connect with the people we interact with through discovering and enhancing our meta-awareness giving us an improved ability to deal with difficult situations.