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You can listen to this interview I gave to bodhi at the bottom of this page.

I have studied contemplative practices for 20 years, spending five years at a traditional Buddhist philosophy college in Nepal as well as time in long practice retreats.

Between 2010 and 2016, I have served as the Executive Director of Education for a worldwide non profit Buddhist organisation with an international network of 130 meditation centres in more than 15 countries around the world.

It is during this period of my life that I experienced burnout first hand. Ever since I have committed myself to help others prevent this from happening to them.

Along with Kimberly Poppe I am the co-founder of Sight Sound Spirit, a startup dedicated to making mindfulness part of people’s lives and exploring the intersection between mindfulness and creativity.

a contemporary approach

 Courtesy of  Scientific American  © 2014

Courtesy of Scientific American © 2014

Regular practice is the key for mindfulness to produce its benefits. For us to adopt new habits we need to:

  1. Know that it works
  2. Know how it works
  3. Know why it works

That is why I rely on both my own experience as well as the results of decades of scientific results in this field.

Specifically I adopt the integrative theoretical framework and systems-based neurobiological model to explain the mechanisms by which mindfulness creates a sustainable healthy mind proposed by dr. David R. Vago.This gives the trainees the necessary confidence in their practice, relying on 21st century knowhow, bypassing the often obscure and exotic language borrowed from far eastern spiritual traditions.